It was another busy month here at bZx, so here is our monthly newsletter “The Shipping Manifest” with key takeaways.


Fulcrum shoots to #1 spot on Kyber according to the latest ecosystem numbers, making up 48% of their entire DeFi volumes, nearly more than everything else combined, posting an incredible 91% growth in trading volumes.

Fulcrum reached an All-Time High in Total Locked Value on

CoinGecko Report Feature

The latest Coingecko Report featured Fulcrum and Torque. If you haven’t checked this report yet — we highly recommend doing so. There is an excellent explanation of the current DeFi ecosystem.

Structured Builds on Fulcrum

Structured convert your Ether into fixed income structured products. Without creating an account or providing any personal information, you can leverage the Ethereum blockchain to purchase a structured financial product, without middlemen or custodians.

Structured is one of the coolest products built with Ethereum money legos we’ve seen yet. It builds on Fulcrum, Synthetix, Kyber, Uniswap, and Compound to create some really unique new financial products.

dDAI Builds on Fulcrum

dDAI enables users to earn interests from lending out DAI on Fulcrum and reinvest those interest automatically into any other asset class using DeFi recipes, i.e., ETH, BTX, KNC, synthetic assets, etc. or a combination of different assets.

DeFiZap Builds on Fulcrum

DeFi Zap enables instant exposure across multiple DeFi protocols based on your investment goals.

What does ETH Maximalist Zap do?

Your deposit is automatically split between bZx Perpetual Short WBTC (dsWBTC) and bZx Perpetual Long ETH-DAI 2x(dLETH2x).

For example, if you send 1 ETH to ETH Maximalist Zap’s Smart Contract address:

Portle Builds on Fulcrum

Portle provides an interface to interact with several dapp protocols under a single user interface. It presents those protocols under categories that are inherited from the banking application to make an experience more familiar.

iDAI Now On Uniswap

We are proud to announce BZX iDAI Token available now at UniswapExchange. Swap any token to iDAI and start earning interest without any extra steps. This integration also paves the way for the next wave of iDAI integrations with new apps.

Eidoo: A Mobile Experience for Fulcrum

Click here to get started with Eidoo and start earning interest on your DAI with Fulcrum. You can read more about Fulcrum and Eidoo on our Medium article about it.

Hydro Adds Fulcrum to their dApp Store

Hydro is an open-source project, with a global community dedicated to simplifying blockchain adoption.

Fulcrum on CoinMarketCap

Coinmarketcap has released a new interest dashboard that prominently features Fulcrum. Remarkable that CMC marked real DeFi projects with a green checkmark.

iDAI Now on Zerion

Manage and track your DeFi portfolio across multiple accounts in a single place with Zerion

Offline Events

bZx @ DeFi.WTF

Kyle was on several panels, including Deep Dive Into DeFi Liquidity Models, Should We And Can We Go From Overcollateralized to Undercollateralized? & DeFi Bull & Bear: A Debate.

bZx @ Devcon V

Kyle and Tom spent the whole week at Devcon V, in Osaka.

Kyle J Kistner with Deniz Omar of Kyber

Japan is famous for its Gyudon or Beef Bowl, and we ate plenty.

Kyle and Tom had some Wagyu Teppanyaki. Not bad!

DeFi Drinks Osaka

It was a great success with way over 100 people in attendance.

bZx @ SFBW

Nick attended San Francisco Blockchain Week.

Fulcrum Updates

Fulcrum listed on whois0x Decentralized Finance Markets dashboard

MyDeFi adds Fulcrum to their DeFi Dashboard. You can track Fulcrum rates with MyDeFi Android and iOS apps.

LINK trading has resumed. Linkmarines welcomed!

Fulcrum now shows how your interest is increasing in real-time.

Bug Bounty Program

Starting October 28th, a bug bounty program has been started on the bZx core contracts. Finding vulnerabilities in the bZx protocol will result in a bug bounty being paid out.

No Slippage Swaps Between iDAI and cDAI

This new feature from enables direct swap of any Compound and Fulcrum interest-bearing tokens. Now it’s possible to migrate a lending position from Compound to Fulcrum or from Fulcrum to Compound in one single transaction. listing

Fulcrum now available at lending stats dashboard


Released Torque with web3 wallets and ENS-based loan origination. Sweet fixed rates for indefinite term loans on fist come first served base.

Released Step-by-step guide for Torque — explained in depth how fixed rates loans work.

Here is short video showing Torque in action

Press and media mentions

Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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