Hey bZx’ers, the bZx team had a quiet but productive month with the development team working on a testnet for internal development, the publication of our conditions for a public sale, and a great new podcast featuring our own Kyle Kistner.

We’re grateful to you for checking out our monthly update and being a part of our community and hope you’re safe and healthy during the current turmoil.

Product Update

In response to questions from the community about hosting a public sale as a follow-up to our 2018 BZRX presale, we’ve published a roadmap outlining the conditions we feel are necessary to conduct a public sale.

Most notably, we want to ensure the protocol has sufficient use and liquidity as well as decentralized governance with multiple supporting teams.

To read all of the conditions, please see our Presale Retrospective

As we mentioned, the development team has been working on a testnet for internal development purposes. The testnet is currently deployed on Kovan and the team is doing internal testing and final dev work in order to start the audits.

bZx in the World

Congratulations to the Akropolis team on launching Pensify, a simplified pension fund, as their submission to the ETHGlobal Hack Money hackathon! Pensify builds on a number of DeFi legos, including the bZx protocol, MakerDAO, Uniswap, and Portis.

Start your simplified pension with Pensify

We also want to applaud the team at Idle Finance on launching Idle v3.0, featuring a brand new dashboard, new optimization strategies, and new protocols and assets. Best of all, Fulcrum has been re-enabled!

Optimize Loans for Yield or Risk with Idle Finance

Kyle Kistner sat down with Ganesh Swami of the Hidden Gems podcast to talk about how bZx works, what happened during the attack on bZx back in February, and how bZx plans to bounce back and lead the movement toward decentralization.

Check out the Full Episode on Youtube

Put Your Crypto to Work

Visit Fulcrum to get started with tokenized margin trading and loans and Torque for borrowing made simple.

As always, please feel free to contact the team via Telegram or check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

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