From seeing Taylor Swift as a DeFi project to relaunching the bZx Protocol after months of halt, it has been an exciting month of August for the bZx team.

Read on for all of the latest updates from bZx.

Product Update

The month of August saw the relaunch of the bZx Protocol. Read the detailed post by Kyle on #bZxIsBack. Fulcrum 2.0 is leaner, more elegant, and more than twice as gas efficient. Experience the new Fulcrum UI here.

Prior to the relaunch, the bZx team announced the release of its latest version of Fulcrum for beta testing on the Kovan Test Network.

A Primer on Staking

Staking is now live! You can now stake your tokens at and the official BPT staking pool is located at: 0xe26a220a341eaca116bda64cf9d5638a935ae629.

We also published an article explaining how token holders will be able to stake BZRX and LP/BPT tokens once the platform is relaunched.

Learn more about how to receive a share of the fees accrued from use of the bZx Protocol in Staking With BZRX.

Project Updates

The bZx team welcomes three new members to the team this month: Pratik Gandhi, Roman Iftodi, and Paris Fotis.

Pratik is our newest growth hire, formerly working with Covalent and NEAR Protocol and , Roman is a Solidity developer with a Math MSc and experience developing software used by traditional financial institutions like TDAmeritrade, and Paris is an international performer who specializes in creative marketing and project management.

Our community calls have gotten a wonderful response. In the bZx Community Call Recap #2, the community discussed different approaches to liquidity mining and showed support for opening the iETH Rescue Program to traders and the general public.

Amir Bandeali, CTO of 0x, presented Matcha, a decentralized exchange aggregator with a number of exciting features available such as gas subsidies, liquidity x-ray vision, liquidity aggregation, private market makers, and limit orders.

To catch up on our previous calls, please check out our recordings on Youtube and follow us on Twitter or join our Discord for notifications about upcoming calls.

New Listings

bZx in the Media

bZx received extensive coverage in August,

For more on what’s happening with bZx, please check out these videos:

As always, please feel free to contact the team via Telegram or check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

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