Hey bZx’ers, check out our monthly update for all of the latest work from the bZx team!

With another month behind us we’ve got a brand new public API, an update on how we’re handling the coming SAI shutdown, and more.

bZx Updates

Public API Now Available

We’ve got data! Our newly released API lets you pull a variety of information on bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque, including:

Check it out for yourself at https://api.bzx.network/.

Shutting Down SAI

MakerDAO’s single-collateral DAI (SAI) system is in the process of shutting down. The community has signaled its support in deactivating the price oracle, setting a shutdown date for May 12.

All outstanding loans have been paid and the team has disabled the SAI <-> DAI bridge and lending on Fulcrum, however, users can still unlend SAI at their convenience.

iTokens Listed on DeFiMarketCap

If you haven’t heard about DeFiMarketCap yet, check it out and be sure to look for the Fulcrum DAI Token and Fulcrum ETH Token! We’re proud to see both tokens currently among the top 50 and are happy to see another great analytics tool for the DeFi community.

Decrypt Publishes Profile on bZx

Looking for a simple way to explain bZx? Decrypt’s Learning Team provides a great introduction to bZx in their profile, What is bZx?.

The article provides links explaining concepts like DeFi, smart contracts, and tokenization and details on the team and what sets bZx apart from other DeFi projects.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for checking in for our latest monthly update! We couldn’t do our work without the amazing support of our community and hope everyone’s social-distancing and staying safe.

As always, please feel free to contact the team via Telegram or check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

Visit Fulcrum to get started with tokenized margin trading and loans and Torque for borrowing made simple.

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