Paying employees with cryptocurrency is about to get a whole lot easier!

In support of our ongoing commitment to decentralization and decentralized technologies, bZx will begin streaming payments in iTokens to one of its team members using Sablier.

At the request of one of our team members, we will begin streaming payments on February 1 and use this as a pilot test for making streaming payments available to the rest of the team.

What is Sablier?

Sablier bills itself as “The protocol for real-time finance on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Developed by Paul Berg and Razvan Apostu, the dApp enables payments to be streamed out over a given period of time. Think of how you can stream movies on Netflix - it’s the same here, but you can stream money.

To stream a payment, the user selects the token to stream, sets the number of tokens to stream, and then designates a recipient and how long it should take the funds to stream.

To learn more, please visit: Sablier.Finance.

iTokens: iDAI and iUSDC

iTokens refer to tokenized loans created using Fulcrum.

To earn interest with Fulcrum, lenders exchange their digital assets for iTokens representing shares in a lending pool. iTokens constantly accrue value by gaining interest on assets loaned to borrowers who cover the interest in exchange for the ability to create leveraged positions.

By streaming payments in iTokens like iDAI and iUSDC, recipients will automatically earn interest on their funds in addition to the principal payment.

To learn more, check our iTokens page.

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