2020 has been a year that many would want to forget. Still, it has been somewhat special for us at bZx, especially these last couple of months in which we have begun putting together the key aspects of our protocol. We have also established our roadmap to a smoother, stabler, and more functional protocol to vastly improve the user experience and make the protocol more accessible to the community. The work we are doing is pretty exciting and takes us closer to our vision of what bZx should be. We expect 2021 to be an exciting year for us and are glad to have you all along for the ride.

The recent past: what’s kept us busy

The last two months have been hectic for us as we strived to make the protocol smoother and friendlier by tying in open loops so the foundation for a formidable roadmap can be set. While we have done some significant updates to improve the user experience and refine UX aspects for both the Fulcrum and Torque platforms, we have continued expanding our asset coverage. We have recently added AAVE and UNI on both platforms, enabling our users to trade, lend, and borrow them at will.

To improve adoption and educate users about the platform, we have integrated tooltips at key points throughout the UI as an integrated FAQ. This will allow users to familiarize themselves with our product, thus creating stickiness toward the bZx protocol.

The near future: an upcoming roadmap for bZx

While our rearview mirror is clean, our windscreen is as clear as ever now as we embark on a journey towards fulfilling our vision of tokenizing everything and becoming a key cog in the future world of decentralization. The internal developments that we have been able to fit into 2020 regarding the platforms and the tech infrastructure have laid a solid foundation for our 2021 roadmap. The following are the milestones that we have put forward to serve our current and future community with more clarity.

  1. Governance: While rewarding good governance and providing incentives to stakers is an integral part of the bZx protocol and BZRX tokens, the first step on our way forward is to give our staking module a facelift by implementing a much-improved version with more functionality and a smoother UI. This will be a big boost for our governance as it will reduce the friction users experience when attempting to stake and participate in the DAO.

  2. Working on Scripts under Testnet Development: While we work on new features and releases, we will be making them available on Testnet for the community to experience and share feedback. As the Testnet environment comes with embedded advantages of superior speed and better resilience and infrastructure, creating and working on scripts here would provide the process more agility once the DAO is introduced.

  3. Improvement/ Faster page loads /fixes: While major updates will be the tech team’s key focus, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure the user experience continues to become a smooth and seamless one. The team will continue to improve the front-end architecture and faster page loads, bug fixes, and more.

  4. Updated Tech Docs: Bringing strong tech development to the protocol is as important as documenting it. While we build a strong back-end infrastructure, the tech docs’ will be prepared alongside it. These will play a critical role in providing developers with the necessary information to understand the architecture in-depth, thus building new products on the bZx protocol.

  5. Permissionless listings: Keeping the true spirit of DeFi in mind, bZx will be taking the next major step towards decentralization by introducing permissionless listings on both its platforms – Torque and Fulcrum. This will mean any digital assets supported by BZRX holders can be listed on the network without central authorization. We plan to do this by conceptualizing ‘security mining’: Security mining is a method that allows BZRX holders to stake their tokens to a ‘token pool’ which they have selected to support.

  6. Launch of Fulcrum Pro: While Fulcrum is a strong platform, we understand it needs constant improvements and additions to keep up with the dynamic and rapidly evolving crypto landscape. As such, we have plans to take on the best in the business by offering a state of the art trading interface in the form of Fulcrum PRO. A power-packed UI upgrade, Fulcrum PRO would offer a trading interface that would be more suited to professional traders that have had the experience of placing trades on advanced platforms typical of centralized exchanges. This platform would support both leverage and spot markets and provide real-time updates to investors for whom every price move matters.

  7. UX Improvements: While we continue to #BUIDL and strengthen our platforms and protocols, we at bZx, would always prioritize customer experience over anything else. Instead of forcing customers to learn our platform, we would continue to make our UX improvements to use the protocol with the utmost ease and seamlessly, thus enriching one’s experience of DeFi.

  8. Improved Onboarding: The first impressions are crucial to showing how excited a company is to have its users. It’s the same for us, leaving no stone unturned to make our users feel that. Hence user onboarding becomes an essential part for us. While the milestone is at the latter end of our roadmap, its preparation begins at the very start continues to move in parallel as we move ahead on the roadmap.

  9. Third-Party Integrations: While we see bZx as a state of the art platform, we also know that great minds out there could expand our reach even further. Hence instead of #BUIDLing everything ourselves, we will be opening our doors to other projects and platforms to collaborate and integrate with the bZx protocol, products, and platforms. With fruitful integrations in the past with major projects such as Kyber and Chainlink, we are confident that further third-party integrations will only enhance the protocol making it more dynamic and agile.

Along with the upcoming rebrand, we are also keenly looking into gamification of the protocol with additions such as NFTs, trading competitions, referral fees, and more.

We’re extremely excited to get to work on all of the above to enrich your experience in our decentralized world further. We hope you stick with us on our journey as we move towards our goal of tokenizing everything.

As always, please feel free to connect with the team via Telegram or Discord. Check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

About the author
Tom Bean
Founder and CEO @ bZx.