We had a very busy November at bZx, so here is our monthly newsletter “The Shipping Manifest” with key takeaways.

TVL Growth 📈📈📈

In November we achieved another all-time-high TVL in ETH, according to defipulse.com stats, with 100% growth over the month:

Fulcrum’s trading volume in ETH on KyberNetwork spiked up to 26% compared to the previous month.

Visual Identity Updated

We updated our visual identity and redesigned the bZx protocol website. Our new branding aimed to strengthen brand recognition for products built with the bZx protocol. You can find our media assets on this page. We also migrated our twitter handle to a new one: @bzxHQ

Multi Collateral DAI on Fulcrum and Torque

One of the most important events past month was the MakerDAO transition to a Multi Collateral DAI. We published our MCD transition plan, and already enabled new DAI markets on Fulcrum for trading and lending:

New DAI enabled as well on Torque for borrowing and to use as collateral in loans:

Lenders on Fulcrum could easily migrate from SAI to a new DAI with a single click:

Thanks to DexWallet team for collaborating with us on that. This feature made possible with DexWallet Recipes, read more about iSAI to iDAI migration recipe.

Fulcrum & Torque listed on Loanscan.io with new DAI rates.

New Integrations

Our iTokens are probably the easiest way to add DeFi lending functionality to any dApp or exchange.

iTokens on Totle Swap

Totle is now integrated with Fulcrum to enable users to directly purchase iTokens with ETH or any supported ERC-20

bZx Markets on MetaMoneyMarket

MetaMoneyMarket added bZx markets in recent v0.1.2 upgrade.

iTokens on Paraswap

Paraswap integrated bZx Protocol

VeriSafe DEX integrated bZx lending protocol

VeriSafe DEX users now can lend $DAI, $USDC, $ETH, $BAT and $ZRX right from the DEX interface. See this in action here

Synthetix’s sUSD listed on Fulcrum and Torque

Synthetix won in our community voting. sUSD is live on Torque and Fulcrum for borrowing and lending, and we are going to launch margin trading for sUSD soon.

Keep an eye on your loans

Helpful Bro Loan Bot - Helpful Loan Tracker Bot for Telegram, built by our community member will send you important updates for DeFi loans that you want to track

Press and media mentions

Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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