We have received a number of questions from the community which have been answered in various forums and social channels. At the request of the community, in order to make the information more accessible, we have aggregated all the answers in one place to make it easier to reference. As new information becomes available we will add it to the post below:

When will the first buy-backs occur?

100% of fees on Polygon will go towards the buyback. The first P125 Token Holder buybacks will occur after the fee sweep. This deployment is currently undergoing final testing. Assuming testing goes smoothly the first buyback should occur by the end of next week (January 14th) if not sooner.

What is the real debt?

Non-BZRX debt is approximately 35.5m P125 based off the analysis conducted of the funds stolen in the attack and tokens issued.

The current total supply is now 39m P125. This value includes 35.5m + buffer 10%.

The team will release compensation numbers for each wallet. The value was reached using the following methodology:

We collected all unique addresses that interacted with bzrx, bzx, itokens, govTokens and masterchef, from graph and covalent.

Each address was checked using the following rules and on an archived node few blocks before hack:

iBZRXBalance + masterchefIBZRXBalance + (GovBalance + masterchefGovBalance + pendingGovs)/19 + bzrxFromLoans = bzrx airdrop

Where bzrxFromLoans is borrow and trade with bzrx collateral and equals collateralInBzrx - principalInBzrx

For each itoken:

1.25 * ( ItokenBalanceInUsd + masterchefItokenBalanceInUsd + usdFromLoans) = p125 airdrop

Where usdFromLoans is borrow and trade with non bzrx collateral and equals collateralInUsd - principalInUsd

The amount of P125 compensation for each wallet is available for review here.

Why has 60 million P125 been minted?

Initially 60 million P125 tokens were issued in order to capture all losses of funds from the attack, including the developer losses, plus a 10% buffer for potential new claims that may have been missed during our analysis.

When will the excess P125s be burned? How much?

The excess P125 has already been burned. If further excess is found to exist, it will also be burned.

How will this ‘initial liquidity pool’ be implemented?

A liquidity provider position will be owned by the DAO to seed liquidity for P125/USDC.

Where will it be implemented?

The P125 token swap will occur on Uniswap v3 on Polygon.

When will it be implemented?

The liquidity pool will be implemented prior to the first buyback in the next few days.

What does the DAO specifically mean when it says it will ‘seed’ this pool?

The DAO will be providing a small amount of initial liquidity to make P125 tradeable and a liquid asset to facilitate buybacks. If there is a proposal to supply additional liquidity to the pool a DAO vote can be submitted. 100% of fees from Polygon will be used to buyback P125.

Why was there an account created the day before the issuance of P125 that was entitled to 2.7 million debt tokens?

Devs were originally issued P125 tokens according to their losses like all other victims. Since some dev wallets were compromised, amounts were issued to other wallets as a safety measure. The devs never claimed these tokens and instead chose to forgo this compensation and burn their share.

Where is the onchain data (or other evidence) to support this accounts allowance of P125?

It was part of dev losses, as stated above. This account never claimed the P125 and the amount was burned.

How can the Developers and inner team be trusted to not be making more wallets and inventing numbers to pay themselves debt tokens when the only on-chain evidence is that they fabricate wallets and send millions of P125 to them without discussing it anywhere in the community, forums, discord or telegram?

The devs did not fabricate any amounts that did not align with actual losses. As previously stated, the amounts were voluntarily burned so this is a moot point.

The team encourages the community to conduct their own analysis, if they have the ability to do so. The devs were careful to include multiple sources of user assets affected in the compensation program. Please reach out to the team using the Intercom button in the UI if any sources were missed.

What happened to OOKI stats - since it doesn’t work, when and how will the DAO update it’s current earnings to be open and apparent with it’s payback scheme?

OOKI Stats has been redeployed by it’s owner and is currently live. However, OOKI Stats is not part of the DAO and is a non official community led project started by a community member before joining the DAO. It is a side project and not part of the DAO.

The information displayed can be computed manually through on-chain data and is only done to simplify viewing the information. The site was briefly down to handle security issues.

How do people who lost funds receive a letter from the FBI ?

To get a victim letter people need to send us their real names and email address. We will provide this to our FBI contact, and their (the FBI’s) specialist will provide the letters individually to people.

Please submit the requested information: here

People are unable to receive the letter on their own or by reaching out to the FBI/DOJ themselves. After people send us their names and email address we will proceed to requesting the letter for them.

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