We are thrilled that, again, over 40 people attended the latest governance call. We are thankful to have such an engaged and enthusiastic community. We discussed several items of import during the call including:

Agenda Item #1: Liquidity Mining Allocation

Other liquidity mining programs were discussed and compared relative to our own. We discussed the idea of increasing the portion of the liquidity mining program that we allocate to the first three months. There was general support for the idea of front-loading the first month of liquidity mining with a 2% emission instead of 1% and keeping this an active topic of governance as we gauge the results of the program.

Agenda Item #2: The iETH Rescue Program

In the previous call we discussed worsening the exchange rate between vBZRX and iETH, and we warned users that we would do so. However, we have not yet done so. Currently, the pool is near ~50% rescued. The idea of opening the program up to the general public gathered support, but only if done so at a significantly worse rate than was offered to lenders.

Agenda Item #3: The Trader Compensation Program

The possibility of opening the iETH rescue program to traders was considered. There was general support around opening the program to traders. Furthermore, the community felt it would be most correct to offer traders priority over the general public. It was therefore resolved that this would be the course of action.

Agenda Item #4: New Team Members

Two new team members, Pratik Gandhi and Roman Iftodi, introduced themselves to the community. Pratik is our newest marketing hire and formerly ex- @Near, @CovalentHQ. Roman is a Solidity developer with a Math MSc and experience developing software used by traditional financial institutions like TDAmeritrade.

Agenda Item #5: Matcha by 0x

Amir Bandeali, CTO @ 0x, presented their latest product, Matcha, a decentralized exchange aggregator. Amir showcased a number of exciting features available on Matcha such as gas subsidies, liquidity x-ray vision, liquidity aggregation, private market makers and limit orders.

The next governance call is scheduled for August 21st, 2020 at 9am PDT.

Watch the call:

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