bZx’s interest-bearing iTokens are now available on Eidoo’s DeFi Exchange. Eidoo’s DeFi Exchange provides a mobile-first experience for trading, lending, and interacting with DeFi tokens with applications for Android, Apple, and desktop.

What are iTokens?

iTokens are tokenized loans representing shares in a decentralized lending pool. Minted using the Fulcrum platform, lenders can earn interest by minting iTokens like iDAI and iUSDC that automatically accumulate interest. Borrowers pay the interest to borrow assets from the lending pool to trade long and short positions with up to 4x leverage. The concept was first introduced by bZx in a joint post with MakerDAO published in July of 2018 with technical specifications articulated in an article announcing Fulcrum in March 2019.

Eidoo brings DeFi to your fingertips

Launched on January 23, 2020, DeFi Exchange allows users to onboard to DeFi with tools like Eidoo wire transfer and then buy, sell, and interact with various DeFi products.

As Eidoo’s VP of Engineering Emiliano Bonassi explains:

“We designed the DeFi Exchange to gather and highlight all the DeFi platforms; we aim to be the DeFi gateway.”

In addition to launching iTokens, Eidoo plans to add support for pTokens, Link, ETH, REP, BAT, KNC, and sUSD.

Fulcrum pTokens are tokenized, variable-rate loans enabling traders to borrow assets and build leveraged long and short positions and is currently the only platform with support for Link, KNC, and sUSD.

How to get started

The DeFi Exchange can be accessed by downloading Eidoo:

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