We are happy to announce that iTokens are now available on Eidoo. This provides a beautiful and easy-to-use mobile interface for earning interest on your existing digital assets. Eidoo is among the first three interfaces to provide this unique and powerful functionality.

Why Use Eidoo?

Eidoo offers a seamless mobile-native experience for earning interest on your existing digital assets, as well as the opportunity to enter in Fulcrum using a wire transfer (fiat-on ramp) to buy DAI or exchange them in the atomic swap selling ETH. More than that, it is a one-stop-shop for trading, lending, and interacting with the most powerful DeFi primitives from a single polished interface.

What are iTokens?

iTokens, such as iDAI or iUSDC, are interest accumulating tokens that continuously go up in value as you hold them. They represent a share in a lending pool that grows in size as borrowers pay interest into them. This innovative concept was first introduced to the community by bZx in a joint post with MakerDAO in July of 2018. Later, the technical specifications were laid out in the article announcing Fulcrum in March of 2019. iTokens can be traded, used as collateral, composed by developers into structured products, or sent to cold storage for safety.

What is bZx?

bZx is the margin lending and trading protocol on which Fulcrum and Torque are built. Fulcrum is a margin lending and trading platform with tokenized loans (iTokens) and tokenized positions (pTokens) that uses algorithmic lending pools to determine interest rates through supply and demand. Torque is a borrowing platform that allows ETH and ERC20s to be used as collateral for borrowing a wide variety of assets at fixed interest rates for indefinite terms. Torque can be accessed through any wallet through its ENS system, or through any web3 wallet via its web interface.

How to use iTokens on Eidoo

Click this link to access the Eidoo link and start earning interest on your assets today.

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