Dexwallet is the ultimate one-stop hub for Fintech products, allowing users to access a wide array of the leading DeFi products. Dexwallet is integrating native mobile decentralized applications to facilitate asset exchange and passive income directly from the wallet.

A mobile experience for Fulcrum

Dexwallet in collaboration with bZx have created a mobile native integration of Fulcrum, the first tokenized margin lending and trading platform on Ethereum. Using Fulcrum, users can earn passive income on their cryptocurrency holdings and receive iTokens which can be used as collateral for loans. Imagine earning interest while taking out a loan via a MakerDAO CDP. These are the cutting edge financial applications that Dexwallet seeks to support.

“This is another step in our larger plan to integrate Fulcrum iTokens with the entire ecosystem’s wallet infrastructure. Onboarding users directly through wallets and turning their accounts into an interest bearing unBank account is an important facet of our vision of making every single cryptocurrency holder a user of bZx. Everyone should be able to capitalize on the time value of their assets in a frictionless way.” — Kyle J Kistner, CVO @ bZx

“We are continuously introducing new ways for our users to generate passive income with ease. Fulcrum iTokens represents a powerful addition to DexWallet, enabling our users to make earn interest out of any erc20 token.The simplicity offered by the bZx solution to lend and margin trade wBTC, ETH and several other assets is outstanding and perfectly aligns with the DexWallet mission.” — Alexintosh, CEO @ Dexlab

About Dexlab

Dexlab is an open source infrastructure with an array of added value financial technology services to foster global adoption of cryptocurrencies while preserving the original cypherpunk, decentralized ethos. Dexlab is an international group of developers and designers, working to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by shipping great products.

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About the author
Kyle J Kistner
CVO @ bZx. Product, Protocol Design, & Token Economics.