We’re always working on improving your experience on Fulcrum and Torque through new features and enhancements to overall strengthening the protocol.

Here’s a look at some of the work we have done on the dev side in the past two weeks.


  1. Rollover grid to explorer

    We have added the rollover grid to the explorer page. With this update, users can now rollover their loans just like the liquidations.

  2. Liquidity to Fulcrum Lend and Torque Borrow tiles

    We have enabled the ability to see how much liquidity is available on both Fulcrum and Torque pages.

  3. Alchemy badge on the bZx Homepage.

    Alchemy supports our blockchain infrastructure. We recently added the Alchemy referral badge to the bZx homepage. You can view it at the bottom of the page here.

  4. Torque page performance

    We have improved the overall page performance of the Torque Borrow page. The tiles within the borrow page now load faster.

  5. Front-interest bug fixed

    Previously, when attempting to front more interest, the UI showed the action failing. We have now fixed this bug.

  6. Color coding to the front end values

    The text beneath the percentage value on Fulcrum is now color-coded. It will show green if positive and red if negative.

  7. Disappearing Positions Info Fixed

    We got feedback from users about their position information on Fulcrum not getting displayed on the first load. The problem is now fixed.

Apart from the above updates, we have added stability tweaks and other performance enhancements to make sure everything’s running as smooth as possible.

You can also follow us on GitHub. Pull requests and ideas are always welcome!

As always, please feel free to connect with the team via Telegram or Discord. Check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

About the author
Tom Bean
Founder and CEO @ bZx.