We’re almost closing in on 2021, but still a handful of new product updates and improvements are being added to the protocol. Here’s a look at all the new and improved features that we released in the last two weeks.


  1. LRC and COMP tokens

    You can now use the newly listed tokens – LRC and COMP on Fulcrum and Torque for trading, lending, and borrowing.

  2. PR reviews update

    When it comes to pull-requests, we now have more eyes available to do code reviews on the frontend. You can now expect us to work on the PRs with a better process in place helping us improve the overall user-experience more efficiently.

  3. Indicator for insufficient token balance

    As a user, you will now be getting a message indicator on the liquidation form for insufficient wallet balance. The message will now save time for the user.

  4. Updated ‘manage positions’ tab

    We have updated the manage positions tab by adding headers to each position row to show which token denomination has the value.

  5. vBZRX Count in TVL

    The total value locked (TVL) calculations previously on the explore page did not show the count of the vBZRX tokens. We have updated the calculations for you to see the correct TVL in the protocol. The values on our explorer and Defipulse now match.

  6. Rollovers on Fulcrum and Torque

    We have now added rollovers on Fulcrum and Torque. Instead of liquidating the loan, the users will be able to rollover their existing loans to new loans. (This update will be deployed soon).

We have also worked on minor bug fixes and overall performance improvements to ensure seamless experience across the protocol.

You can also follow us on GitHub. Pull requests and ideas are always welcome!

As always, please feel free to connect with the team via Telegram or Discord. Check out our Help Center to answer all of your questions about bZx, Fulcrum, and Torque.

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