bZx Integrates Chainlink Keepers to Reliably Automate Liquidations

bZx is excited to announce that we have successfully integrated Chainlink Keepers to increase the reliability of our liquidation mechanism. Given the great success of Chainlink Price Feeds in securing bZx’s oracle mechanism on mainnet despite extensive market volatility and network congestion, we felt confident in expanding our integration with Chainlink to Keepers. Chainlink Keepers are secured by the same highly reliable network of node operators and enhance the functionality of the bZx protocol without compromising on security and transparency.

Making the bZx Liquidation Mechanism More Robust With Chainlink Keepers

bZx is a secure, non-custodial, and multi-chain DeFi protocol currently live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon that facilitates transactions between lenders, borrowers, and traders. We have two flagship products: Fulcrum, a margin trading and lending platform, and Torque, which offers users the ability to lend or borrow indefinite-term loans with fixed interest rates.

A robust and accurate liquidation mechanism is essential to protecting both lenders and borrowers—it keeps lenders solvent and protected from downside market movements while ensuring borrowers don’t lose capital by being falsely liquidated. Triggering liquidations requires the use of external entities known as keepers, which monitor the collateralization of users off-chain and call our liquidation function on-chain when positions are found to be under-collateralized. The bZx liquidation contract will then verify the work of the keeper by calling Chainlink Price Feeds to confirm the position was indeed under-collateralized.

We integrated Chainlink Keepers to increase the reliability of our liquidation mechanism, further ensuring solvency of all lending pools and upholding the integrity of user’s collateralization ratios. Some of the features of Chainlink Keepers that make them a great addition to the bZx protocol include:

“Whether it’s Chainlink Price Feeds or Keepers, our team has been impressed with Chainlink’s extensive track record of reliability and how easy their solutions are to integrate,” stated Tom Bean, CEO of bZx. “Adding Chainlink Keepers empowers us to create a more robust mechanism for liquidations to ensure continued solvency of the protocol, ultimately creating a more secure and reliable user experience.”

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry standard oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks provide developers with the largest collection of high-quality data sources and secure off-chain computations to expand the capabilities of smart contracts on any blockchain. Managed by a global, decentralized community, Chainlink currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming, and other major industries.

Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations, from global enterprises to projects at the forefront of the blockchain economy, to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable oracle networks. To learn more about Chainlink, visit and subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter. To understand the full vision of the Chainlink Network, read the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper. Want to discuss an integration? Talk to an expert. \

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About bZx

The bZx protocol is an multi-chain decentralized platform built for DeFi lending and margin and leverage trading that differentiates itself from competitors through a smart contract-powered token system. bZx protocol’s unique architecture ensures that the gas fee associated with using bZx does not increase along with the number of assets supported by the platform.

On bZx, iTokens and pTokens can be composed into novel financial products, used as collateral for loans, or listed on any exchange to instantly enable margin lending and trading. bZx Protocol allows anyone to build applications that empower lenders, borrowers, and traders with the most flexible decentralized finance protocol on Ethereum.

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