The bZx team is looking forward to its third annual appearance at ETHDenver 2020.

ETHDenver is a free, yearly hackathon and conference celebrated as being one of the best Web3 and Ethereum gatherings of the year.

The bZx Protocol enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps) empowering lenders, borrowers, and traders and we’re proud to continue our support of ETHDenver with our participation and bounty sponsorship.

Whether you’re still looking for inspiration or looking to build truly decentralized financial products, read on to learn more about bZx and how to participate in this year’s hackathon.

Our history with ETHDenver

bZx is behind the bZx Protocol as well as the protocol’s flagship applications, Fulcrum (tokenized lending and margin trading) and Torque (fixed-interest loans).

The bZx team spent five months in stealth mode prior to our first visit in 2018 and welcomed the opportunity to share our work with such an insightful community.

Last year, with the protocol on mainnet, we received great feedback about the different types of products enabled by the protocol.

Applications for this year’s hackathon are still being approved based on availability so hurry up and apply at

Why build with Fulcrum?

Fulcrum offers tokenized lending and margin trading with our innovative iTokens and pTokens.

Users can lend assets to mint iTokens that automatically accrue interest and borrow assets to mint pTokens with long or short exposure and up to 4x leverage.

For hackers who value decentralization, Fulcrum provides the only completely trustless platform for lending and margin trading with decentralized price feeds and margin calls.


Why build with Torque?

Torque is a non-custodial borrowing platform allowing users to create fixed-rate, indefinite-term loans.

The dApp offers the industry’s lowest liquidation prices and enables users to minimize margin call penalties by only liquidating enough assets to bring the margin associated with the position 10% higher than the margin maintenance threshold.


Getting In Touch

If you have any questions, please visit us on Telegram and feel free to send a private message to Tom Bean (@TOMbZx) with any code-related inquiries.

Hackers interested in learning more about Fulcrum, Torque, and the bZx Protocol can refer to the following resources:

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!

Also you probably don’t want to miss the snow-filled fun at Mountain Retreat in Breckenridge following the BUIDLathon

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