bZx DAO Proposal # 2

Omnibus funding proposal on chain vote commencing on September x 2021

Following successful passage of the first bZx DAO Proposal last week, bZx are ready to proceed to an on chain vote for Proposal #2. This proposal was discussed in the forum and passed the snapshot vote unanimously. As was the case with the previous DAO proposal, voting will be held on etherscan while bZx DAO awaits integration with Tally. In case you missed the previous blog post explaining how to use etherscan to vote the instructions are below:

Vote Details

This is the second official vote to fund bZx DAO. This vote will take place with a live on-chain proposal which will release funds from the bZx DAO to fund ongoing operations as described in the forum post. If this vote passes then it will be the final action needed to fund bZx DAO.

Voting has already started and voting will remain active for a period of 3 days. After voting closes, if the proposal passes then there will be a 2 day timelock period until the changes go into effect.

DAO Voting Contract:

Etherscan Voting Tutorial

Important Note: Users must vote prior to staking, unstaking, or claiming again in the staking contract otherwise users will be ineligible to vote for any current proposals. This is due to a technical quirk with how our votes are tallied for a proposal in the current implementation of staking. In the future, I think we can improve on this behavior.

  1. Visit the Etherscan Contract URL.
  2. Click the Connect to Web3 Button and Connect to Metamask
  3. Go to Function number 12 castVote
  4. proposalId = 2
  5. Enter the support value for the vote: 0 = Against, 1 = For, 2 = Abstain
  6. Click Write
  7. Approve your TX in the Metamask Window

Important Note: Metamask is wrongly calculating gas causing vote confirmation transactions to revert. Therefore you must manually adjust the gas to the following:

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