BZRX To Ooki Token Migration

On December 18th, bZx is migrating it’s primary ecosystem fee sharing BZRX token to a new smart contract and new ticker symbol (OOKI)!

As part of the bZx rebranding and new platform launch bZx is upgrading it’s BZRX token and migrating to a new contract and new OOKI token ticker. Following the successful passage of OOIP-3 which was discussed in the forum, and subsequently approved by an onchain DAO vote, the bZx DAO has approved upgrading the BZRX token contract in order to enable migrating the BZRX token to a new contract.

All token holders will be able to migrate their tokens to the new contract. There is no deadline to migrate, and as a result token holders need not worry about performing the migration before a certain date.

BZRX Token MIgration Guide

In order to migrate the token there will be a UI interface available on the rebranded platform when it launches on December 18th, which will allow users to easily migrate to the new smart contract with one click (see screenshot above). We have prepared a Step by Step Token Migration Guide in our documentation which will assist users with migrating their tokens after the token migration interface launches.

Details of the upgraded token contract

A few of the changes that will be enabled as a result of migrating to the new contract:

Date the new token/migration will launch

The bZx DAO plans to coordinate with exchanges to ensure they support the migration from BZRX to OOKI. The planned launch of the new platform and migration to the new token will be on December 18. 2021

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