BeToken, the open protocol for connecting capital and talent in crypto asset management, announces a collaboration with bZx. BeToken enables anyone to participate in a crypto hedge fund and control capital in proportion to their ability to extract alpha from the market. An important aspect of asset management is the ability to employ a variety of strategies in different market regimes. This includes the ability to short the market during bearish trends and to employ hedged smart beta strategies that produce profit in any market regime.

BeToken is integrating bZx to broaden the power of the protocol and empower asset managers with a wider variety of tools. BeToken will first be integrating with Fulcrum, the bZx platform for tokenized margin loans (iTokens) and margin positions (pTokens). Asset managers will be able to interact with Fulcrum smart contracts from within the BeToken platform to directly mint iTokens and pTokens. Not only will this allow asset managers to employ complex strategies, but it will also allow them to capitalize on the time value of their assets.

The BeToken mainnet contracts are launching late June pending successful security audits. This is an enormous accomplishment from a small team with close to no funding. The BeToken team has been making notable contributions to governance and DAO research, and BeToken is considered by many to be one of the most exciting experiments in decentralized finance and governance. The BeToken smart contracts will soon be under audit by Solidified. As the team is running on bootstrap funding and paying for the audits out of their own pocket, we encourage reaching out and making a donation to support open source development in the ecosystem.

“We are elated to have our software integrated with BeToken’s decentralized asset management protocol. This is another step forward to becoming cemented as the standard in the decentralized asset management space.” — Kyle J Kistner “Margin trading allows BeToken’s fund managers to better navigate through the market and build up their position, and Fulcrum will give them the best opportunities and the fastest trading experience. We are very excited.” — Zefram Lou

Many people have the capital to invest in cryptocurrency but not the expertise, and many others have the expertise but not the capital. BeToken is a community-owned, permissionless, and censorship-resistant crypto hedge fund dedicated to connecting capital with talent, and talent with capital. BeToken gives the most control over its capital to the managers with the best performance and pays them accordingly, meaning that the entire fund will strive to achieve the most profits. BeToken’s vision is to make crypto investment effortless for investors and provide income opportunities for talented crypto traders. BeToken on the Web BeToken Telegram

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Kyle J Kistner
CVO @ bZx. Product, Protocol Design, & Token Economics.