As we’ve been in Alpha we’ve been continuously collecting feedback from users, working to iterate the product and bring it to its most polished form. Using your feedback, we’ve redesigned the trade pop-up to be more visual and intuitive.

The Old Look

This trade pop-up was filled with words and still made use of pToken accounting (see: usETH2x in grey). The ability to change and select the purchase asset was not adequately highlighted.

We drastically simplified this interface, reducing it down from 20 words to just a few.

Some users had reported that they were unsure what the “Buy Amount” was getting them. That is, they were unsure how to obtain their desired exposure. The new trade experience addresses these pain points, allowing users to trade with confidence.

The New Look and Experience

Many of the details have been condensed, represented visually, and moved to the left side of the pop-up. The “purchase asset” functionality has been directly integrated into the input field. It is now far more intuitive to select which asset you will use to obtain the desired exposure. The pop-up also now explains what will happen in plain language.


We believe in creating simple and beautiful interfaces that enable users to lend, trade, and borrow with minimal difficulty. It’s our mission to continuously iterate and incorporate user feedback. We’ve received enormously positive feedback for the Fulcrum experience, and we hope we’ve streamlined the experience even further.

About the author
Kyle J Kistner
CVO @ bZx. Product, Protocol Design, & Token Economics.